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Aromatherapy OIL – the massage basically aims at use of concentrated oils from various plants to heal. These oils are known as essential oils and work wonders when applied on the skin. The principle of these service works on the fact that when an individual inhale the essential oils the molecules affect the body in a positive manner providing great results.

Body to Body Massage – this service is again a popular option. Here the body of the masseur is used to provide therapy. The use of body against body gives a sensual effect and help to release stress. This service types have a basic soapy massage which is classic and another variety is called Japanese Nuru where sensual oils are used along with the body.

Couples Massage – if you are visiting the city with your spouse or would want to go together for a massage you can opt this service for couples. Here both the partners, be it different sex or same sex, are provided massage in the same room by two different therapists. The service providers of these massages though need clear instructions from their customers agreeing to the massage prior to the session. This is necessary because a lot of embarrassment and confusion can occur if care is not taken.

Four hands Massage – this service again is for those who love sensual massages. Here there will be two therapists who will be working on your body at the same time. Again a popular four hand treatment again need prior information to avoid embarrassment and confusion.

Full Body – involves a certain part of the body but with full body massage a therapist attends to every part of the body and gives you a sensual feeling making the experience unforgettable for you.

Indian – this type of service is based on the theory that every country has their own way of massaging that involves unique techniques and systems. Indian uses an Ayurvedic way of massage that involves kneading and compressing of the body to relieve stress and tension. The practice is ages old and quiet effective.

Japanese Shiatsu Massage in London – somewhat similar to acupressure this art has its origin in japan. The use of hands, fingers and thumbs to press the points and release energy is the basis of this service. The person who opts of these massages need to lie down on the floor during the session. The masseur works on the points of interests in the body and release blocked energy from within. The massage aims at reconnecting the physical energy of the body with the spiritual ones and therefore the sessions often end with emotional release of the recipient. The Japanese shiatsu is definitely one of the popular massages to go for.

Sensual Massage – one of the popular and most misjudged massages of London is this one. People often mistake these massages with sexual activities. Although they are not wrong to a certain point. The massage involves a sensual element to them. The masseur works on the sensitive areas of your body to give you an aroused feeling.

Tantric Massage – According to tantra the massage is a mix of worshiping of the body and meditation. The use of touch therapy to release sensual energy is aimed. The control of ejaculation involved in Tantric massage London helps you attain greater satisfaction and leads to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Thai London tantric massage – last but not the least, this service has its origin in Thailand. Performed on the floor the use of pressing and stretching is used in this technique.

As it must be clear by now, there are an unlimited number of options available with London Erotic for those who are looking out for one. Every Tantric massage SW1 has its own special technique that helps in providing an individual with a divine experience that they will never forget in their lifetime. The professionals providing the services in London are well trained and specialize in what they do. They love to perform their task and therefore help the recipient feel at ease during the sessions.