Cebu Girls

Cebu Girls

Cebu Girls are witty, petite, fashionable, admirable, talented, pretty and fighter! Cebuanas are witty especially in studies and in business. In fact most of them are professionals, have more ideas how to be productive and knows how to speak English well. Moreover, Cebuanas are cute, very attractive and possessed the form of a perfect woman that’s why people from other places loved Cebuanas to be their woman specifically, from the foreign countries. Moreover, they know how to carry theirselves, very stylish all over from head to toe and above all very talented. In terms of singing and dancing they will get in into the the top.

Did you know that mostly star in the Philippine business are from Cebu? Namely, Sheryn Regis, Pilita Corales, Jaya, Vina, Shaina Magdayao, Manily Reynes, Dulce and Kim Chiu? They are notable Cebuanas that conquer the stage with flying colors! Performance level are in them!
Another thing is, when someone mention Cebu they usually say that “Cebu is the place where pretty girls live”. This statement imprinted the mind of the people and they called it “gwapa”.

In love, Cebuanas are hard-to-get, very fighter and they have set of standards in choosing the man in their lives. Showmanship and respect should be seen in these scenario.

If you spend an evening out on the town in CEBU you will find lots of bars in fact every bar full of girls looking for foreigners who are perceived to be wealthy some want love and some want money and will offer sex in exchange $20 to £30 is the going rate. There are also lots of go go bars with girls swinging about on poles. its a fun place to visit but will it be too much if you lived here. If you are looking for a condo for sale in Cebu then why not look for a property for sale Lapu Lapu city which is a short taxi drive away but close to the airport and far enough from the nightclubs that it requires some thought before you go rather than just a brief walk down down to Mango street where most of the action is.

Of course this might be your cup or tea, so to speak.

The property for sale in Cebu ranges from the very cheap economic housing to the high end penthouses so there is certainly everything to suit any budget.