The skin is the largest organ of the body and it is prone to problems; so for those with warts, the answer to this would be freezing warts. This remains to be the most effective form of wart treatment today. Warts are said to be highly infectious and can easily be transmitted from one person to another through human contact of body fluids such as sweat, saliva, or tears which can usually be found on the personal things of the infected person like bath towels or soiled undergarments. HPV-triggered warts can also be transferred easily from person to person in highly congested areas with very poor sanitation. Warts are commonly seen on the exposed areas of the body although some warts can also invade private parts such as the genital area. These small and rough blister-like formations of the skin can just disappear after a few months but has likelihood to reappear when left untreated.

Cryosurgery or the process of freezing warts is regarded to be the fastest and most effective treatment method available for this problem. This treatment procedure has been developed for over 100 years and today, the process makes use of freezing warts with liquid nitrogen which is the safest and most innovative method to remove warts found in varied areas of the body.

Freezing skin tags or freezing warts is a routine outpatient method. In fact, patients can also opt to conduct cryosurgery or freezing warts at home.  There are in fact home remedy freezing kits available in pharmacies, which is less costly than the ones used in outpatient procedures; but these are also less potent. The pain is minimal and can easily be relieved and managed by over-the-counter pain killer medications. The cryosurgery process in removing warts specifically freezing warts on face and freezing moles is highly effective and has produced successful results over the years.

There are preparations that need to be done prior to cryosurgery. The warts should be treated with acid for at least 2 weeks prior to cryosurgery. This aims to remove the clustered layers of the warts and aids in skin tag removal. It is important that the overgrowth or top layer of the warts be removed in order to help the freezing agent penetrate the deeper layers of the wart and increase the success rate of wart removal.

Prepare 40% salicylic adhesive pad or that of 17% salicylic gel to be applied daily on the warts. These are readily available over-the-counter in most pharmacies. Clean the infected area with soap and water before applying the salicylic acid. With the availability of cryosurgery and the affordable means of getting the procedure makes it possible for more people to avail of these services and remove finger warts. In addition, freezing warts side effects are very minimal and can be managed easily by OTC prescription drugs. Freezing warts healing time is faster than any removal procedures as this can be done at home. Freezing warts blister is not that apparent and can flake off after a days or so.

Overall, Cryosurgery or freezing warts is an inexpensive procedure, which is highly favored and preferred by doctors and patients everywhere.

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